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It looks like the time has come to engage in a bit of high-class travel, and maybe a fantastic luxury hotel stay. With the global drop in travel over the last year, there’s never been a better time to do it, in fact. So, if luxury travel and luxury hotels are for you – especially a palace like the Mandarin Oriental, for instance — know that there’s no great secret to indulging in a bit of it, even if only as a once-in-a-lifetime experience.It’s a well-known fact that luxury hotel stays are high on a lot of personal travel lists. A chance to head off to properties like the Amanyara Resorts, for example, shouldn’t be dismissed very lightly, if you have the chance. And while it’s true that many of these properties cater to an upscale client list, for the most part, they can be had for a decent price on occasion.Look to a luxury travel package when it comes to staying at a luxury hotel. It goes without saying that most people who end up at a luxury hotel get there by traveling in a luxurious manner, too. After all, somebody who normally stays there isn’t getting to the site by flying on a last-minute discount plane ticket. But don’t fret; a little patience and searching can land you luxury travel and hotel prices that make this sort of leisure activity more affordable.Search around for the best prices on hotels. Oftentimes, you can land a better price for a luxury hotel room by purchasing an all-included travel package through a travel agency. Once you decide on price and amenities for the hotel, you can reduce the cost of luxury travel even further by selecting “off season” travel dates and stays. The only caveat is that many of these resorts can be booked up quite far in advance.Luxury travel agencies are still your best friend. A lot of travel agencies have close relationships with many of these hotels, so they sometimes can obtain a more favorable price than if you tried to negotiate, if allowed, directly with the resort you’re planning on visiting. Hotels, regardless of price, make money on bookings, so they depend on agencies for a steady stream of customers.Luxury hotels can be sumptuous places. Don’t be stunned by the looks and services some of these properties exhibit, because this is what they do for a living. Just sit back and enjoy the range of truly high-class service they can give you. In fact, when it comes to things like one-on-one fitness training or personal beauty services, most of these hotels can’t be beat.Enjoy your hotel dining experience, also. Luxury hotels are also known for the quality of their in-house dining establishments. Many compare favorably with big city stand-alone restaurants, who normally rate 3 stars from the Michelin Guide evaluators. And the best hotel restaurants employ executive chefs.Splurge at least once in a lifetime. If you can afford it, and you’ve planned well-enough, don’t hesitate to take advantage of a little luxury travel and a luxury hotel stay at least once. There’s truly something for everybody at these palaces.

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Travel and leisure in the Caribbean is one place that many people have never heard about and if they happen to have heard about them, they have never had the chance to visit. There are very calm Caribbean beaches with plenty of paradise sands and beautiful vacation hotspots. The pleasure starts right from the secluded and quiet lagoons to the boldface names. If you discover the best travel and leisure spot in the Caribbean, then you are assured of the best beach getaway.There are a variety of different Caribbean islands that you can choose from. This will depend on the amount of money that you have, the place you want to go, whether in your country or abroad, and off course very other many reasons. Some very common examples are as follows below.The Cabarete beachThis Caribbean beach is found in the Dominican Republic. There are abundant water sports that make this back beach hideaway a wonder of the world. If you happen to be a windsurf fanatic or rather, you love kite surfing, then this is the place to be. Cabarete has proved to be an experience of a lifetime that is worth giving a second try.The Palm Beach in ArubaOnce you place your foot in this amazing Caribbean, the first thing you will notice is the sliver of white Alabaster sand which is sprinkled with plenty of Palapa huts and palm trees. It is located in Aruba specifically in the heart of the great luxury hotels and resorts. At Palm Beach, you are assured of great fun and that is the reason most people flock this place. It is actually one of the best places to go out for swimming, basking, and sailing and off course relaxing all day long.The great Jamaican Treasure BeachJamaica is popular for its ever busy and flocked Seven Mile Beach, but there is another hidden treasure that not many people know about. The Treasure Beach is relatively smaller and quiet. It is quite an authentic beach getaway and more so, it is located on the buttery shores of Jamaica. It is found on the Southwestern part of Jamaica’s coast. It is characterized by a collection of beaches, cloves and wonderful swimming spots. The uniqueness of this beach is that it draws visitors and locals together, thanks to the community-based tourism initiative.The Grand Anse, GrenadaThis is the leader when it comes to travel and leisure hotspots in the Caribbean. Found in Grenada, Carracou, the unspoiled Grand Anse is considered a site which is a must-see. It is a gorgeous place which is clean, safe and free from huge crowds. Other sites that offer great travel and leisure ideas in the Caribbean are; The Pink Sands Beach in Bahamas, Cayo Espanto in Belize, Beachfront Estates on the Grace Bay. Others are Turks and Caicos which is a perfect place for honeymoon.

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Choosing The Best Camera For Seniors – Check out GoPro HERO3+So Why Is The GoPro HERO3+ Better Than Any Digital Camera Around When It Comes To Seniors Using A Camera For Travel And Leisure?What all seniors need when it comes to choosing a camera is that it must be:1. Simple to use.2. Take great images and videos.3. Small and compact.4. Sturdy and hopefully waterproof too.Just imagine, as a senior, taking the time to travel or visiting your grand children or even getting outdoors to do some trekking or even kayaking and then being able to capture those beautiful or memorable experiences that you and your partner just had. Wouldn’t that be just great?Seniors around the world can now do just that, all thanks to the latest extremely easy to handle GoPro HERO3+. This new extremely lightweight camera is packed with powerful new features to give all that needed versatility and convenience. Its “Super View” is a new video mode that captures the scenery in the most immersive wide-angle perspective and its Auto Low Light mode intelligently adjusts frame rate to give stunning low-light performance.Seniors can now shot videos just like the professionals.With the built-in high-resolution and high-frame rate of 1440p48, 1080p60, 960p100 and 720p120, stunning video quality can be achieved and this has made GoPro the world’s best-selling camera company. The video modes result in very high quality videos and also allows for smooth slow motion playback. Just imagine how impressed the whole family will be watching the stunning videos that you have just taken.Seniors can also easily capture high quality photo images.The GoPro HERO3+ can capture up to 12megapixels images at up to 30 frames per second. This is just right for seniors who may be a bit slow in reacting to changing image situations and can also help them take fast-action sequences. Such great added features like the time Lapse mode will enable seniors to take automatic photo capture at 0.5, 1, 2, 5, 10, 30 or 60-second intervals. Also, the Continuous Photo mode helps seniors shoot full-resolution stills at a steady 3, 5 or 10 frames per second when holding down the shutter button.Another great feature that is very beneficial to seniors is the “Super View.”The new GoPro HERO3+ now incorporates the new “Super View” mode, a video mode that captures videos with the widest-angle perspective possible. It allows the seniors to capture more of themselves and the sceneries into the shot resulting in captivating and engaging footages.There are many other great features for the senior photo enthusiasts.1. Seniors can now take sharper images with Less Distortion.With its sharper lens and 2x reduction in imaging artifacts, the GoPro HERO3 is able to reduced distortion thus enabling the senior photographer to be able to take crisper, clearer images with a 33% increase in image sharpness.2. Improved Audio QualityGoPro HERO3+ incorporates advanced wind and noise reduction technology and this feature will greatly help seniors in recording their voices or music or even just the surrounding sound quality to match the image quality that they are recording. This new technology helps to keep the audio clearer during high-speed activities.3. Seniors can now also enjoy high speed Wi-Fi connectivityThe new GoPro delivers 4x faster² video preview and faster photo and video sharing and this is enhanced with Wi-Fi connectivity to enable control of up to 50 cameras from distances of up to 600ft/180m. These great features are going to get the seniors seriously up to speed when using this new GoPro model. They can now even control their camera remotely! Yes, now the seniors can use the GoPro App to control their cameras remotely, preview the shot and then play back the content on their smartphones or tablets. Plus, it is now easier for the seniors to share their favorite photos and videos via email, text and even on Facebook!The GoPro HERO3+ basic package includes the following items:• GoPro HERO3+ Camera• 131’/40m Waterproof Housing• Wi-Fi Remote unit• Higher Capacity Li-Ion Battery• Quick Release Buckle• Vertical Quick Release Buckle• 1 Curved + 1 Flat Adhesive Mount• 3-Way Pivot Arm• USB Charging CableMicro SD card is usually sold separatelySo here again are the features and benefits that all seniors will ever need when they get the GoPro HERO3+1. Small and very lightweight.2. Take great images with little distortion.3. Have that fantastic “Super View” feature.4. Long battery life – no need to worry about frequent re-charging.5. The lighter housing is also waterproof up to 131ft/40m.6. Has an f/2.8-6.0 six-element aspherical lens.7. Many high-resolution video modes.

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Is the daily work grind or the continual schoolwork bringing you down? Is your wanderlust inner voice telling you you’re ready for a travel vacation? Yet this year you want a different travel objective, not the typical vacation, designed around personal pleasure and leisure. This year you also feel a desire to get involved with some worthy cause, to challenge the power elite status quo and make the world a better place to live. Well, if travel AND social activism are your interests, I have the 2012 travel tip solutions that will please both your traveling and social activist desires.1. My first recommended travel destination for 2012 is Chantilly, Virginia, USA host to this year’s annual Bilderberg meeting May 31st – June 3rd. Chantilly, Virginia, at the Westfield Marriot Hotel, was the host for the 2008 Bilderberg meeting.Chantilly, Virginia is within close proximity to Washington, D.C.; the nation’s capitol offers a unique historical, cultural experience as well as a great place to voice dissent! Fortunately too, for the budget traveler, Chantilly has a youth hostel on the outskirts of the Washington, D.C. area. Why not book your reservations now, and enjoy the beautiful Virginia countryside and Washington, D.C. cultural activities while also vocalizing your displeasure to a passing banker, politician, or corporate CEO? Your opinions and discussions may plant the inception seed activating a pang of conscience that will eventually lead to less harmful world policies. If you discover the overt sidewalk protests are less successful, may I suggest an alternative, stealth approach: position yourself as a well-dressed hotel patron in the lobby where the Bilderberg members are staying. Act as an unassuming gadfly, listening for telling conversations from Bilderberg meeting attendees.Granted, such intimate access may prove to be difficult; however, for the determined spirited social activist, the challenge enhances the adventure and the success sweetens the reward.Are you ready for summer outdoor fun, a freelance journalist’s dream, and a proud sense of moral accomplishment? That’s what I experienced when I planned my fall 2000 vacation in Europe to coincide with the scheduled IMF / World Bank meeting in Prague. A well-organized anti-globalization protest was waiting for the banking attendees, similar to the successful anti-WTO protest in Seattle, November ’99, which I attended. I wanted to continue being a part of this proud movement.I’m certain at the Washington, D.C. youth hostel, and around town, you will meet kindred spirits who are also knowledgeable of this Bilderberg meeting event (global citizen individuals and various NGO members). As I had experienced during the Seattle ’99 and Prague 2000 protests, you will form lasting friendships with these fellow travelers / activists.2. To start your summer season, I recommend planning a visit to Los Cabos, Baja California, Mexico for the annual G-20 meeting, June 18-19. What fun you will have mixing summer outdoor fun with social activism. Cabo San Lucas offers scuba diving, fishing, nightlife, and so much more. Even though the rich elite will be staying at expensive resorts, there are ample inexpensive lodging options at Los Cabos, including youth hostels. You can even pitch your tent near the beach!3. To start your fall season, I recommend a trip to Switzerland for the WTO public forum meeting in Geneva, Switzerland, September 24 – 26. A good central location for fine nearby skiing, autumn color hiking, and a piping hot cappuccino next to a roaring fireplace as you listen in to some powerful banker’s insidious plan.4. Continuing your fall season travels, I recommend visiting Tokyo, Japan for the IMF / World Bank meeting, Oct. 12-14. Enjoy social activism by day and exotic bustling Tokyo nightlife by night.For budget accommodations, Los Cabos, Geneva, and Tokyo, all have several hostels in the city and nearby vicinities.Last, for those planning on traveling through California, I recommend an outdoor excursion north of San Francisco. Besides marvelous vineyards, inspiring redwoods and dramatic coastline, there’s also an elite power broker retreat called Bohemian Grove nestled in the redwoods near the town of Guerneville and the Russian River.
The retreat of course has security ( as I discovered many years ago) so an undercover role as a naive hiker is a good start. While peering through the redwoods, you may find an influential politician or CEO performing some decadent, hedonistic ritual in a yellow chiffon dress! Don’t forget to bring your camera!I hope you find these travel tips useful for your future 2012 travel plans. You may even come across yours truly, the author. Happy travels!

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It is nowadays common to see millions of men and women traveling from one geographical region to another frequently. But something that has escaped the consideration of most of these people is the possibility of some misfortune just popping up during their excursions. The majority all of these world travelers usually don’t have the recognition that it is very crucial to have vacation insurance plan. A travel health insurance plan is responsible for taking care of any health emergencies as well as health care bills. Obtaining insurance coverage using different sources can be less costly, but luckily the internet can make it very possible to come across great policies.Travel health insurance policies can be provided by some carriers and these can either cover many journeys or single trips. Those bound to benefit mostly from single journey coverage are those who don’t travel often. Thus, it would require them to purchase a new plan each time they make a vacation or trip booking. There is always a continuous promotion of insurance policies carried out by tour operators, cruise lines as well as journey agents intended for those that frequently travel and therefore these people need to invest much in buying the numerous journey coverage. Annual insurance plan polices are what we call such sorts of policies. Large amounts of money are saved in the long run if these policies are acquired by frequent travelers. The most important thing is reading the insurance plan so as to ensure you are clear on the terminologies and protection. Everything that comprises “what is covered” should define a good insurance policy. Also going to be outlined by a good insurance policy is exactly what the policy does not cover.The travel health insurance rate should also be something that needs keen attention. A premium that is low priced does not necessarily imply that the coverage is of poor quality. And don’t see the greatness of a premium from its high price as the high price may not be an indicator of a premium greatness. With travel insurance, you are assured of your protection as you never know what could happen to either your family or you as an individual. The working of the travel insurance polices is just like any other plan and they are a much straightforward concept. A premium is paid by the individual to the insurance firm and when something along the journey goes wrong, the insurance company steps in.Medical bills will be taken care of whenever the traveler gets sick or gets injured during traveling. All travel health insurance policies cover accidental as well as evacuations that are death related. Investing in an insurance coverage plan for the time of the emergency is usually not an excellent idea. Numerous types of travel health insurance policies are available for all types of vacationers. There are insurance policies for: international travelers, students, organizational travelers among leisure travelers, with each one of them being different from the other. It is really important to have travel health insurance coverage.

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Have you ever thought about what it is that attracts many people to the idea of owning a caravan? It may be that you’ve always looked upon these vehicles as being aimed at other people. You may not have thought about the benefits of owning one yourself.It is undoubtedly the case that many people will share such a view. It is also clear that thousands of people own caravans here in the UK. So why are they so popular? This may be something that is becoming increasingly obvious in these frugal times.Many of us are looking to save money in numerous different areas. We don’t want to spend more than we really have to and we may well start to look at how we can cut down on costs associated with holidays and leisure time. Despite this, we also want to make sure that we can enjoy our holidays.That’s why it’s so important that a budget option will still allow us to experience the joy of having a great holiday. There’s absolutely no point in saving money if it turns out to be a false economy.This helps to explain why caravans have become so popular. They offer the opportunity for you to travel widely without spending a massive amount of money. Although there is a substantial initial expense involved in buying a caravan, you’ll be able to save money because you will be avoiding expensive accommodation costs in the future.In essence, many caravan owners have come to realise that their vehicle is the ideal leisure accessory. It does much more than simply allowing them to save money on accommodation. It also offers a greater sense of flexibility and freedom.What we are talking about here is a budget option that can actually increase your enjoyment of holidays and leisure time. This is surely the secret behind the success of the caravan industry.You’ll find that you can keep costs even lower by buying caravan accessories online at discount prices. Don’t forget that your caravan will open up a world of leisure opportunities.

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It is a big treat to travel not for any business or work-related reasons but simply for leisure and pleasure. For those who are new to this kind of thrill, there are a thousand ways to plan an itinerary given that one has the right knowledge and the right financial budget. The main essence of travel and leisure is not to simply travel and see places but to bring the concept of traveling to new heights by allowing oneself leisurely experiences while exploring the sights and sounds of the entire area. To determine the right fitted itinerary for your specific needs, a great consideration should be placed on the questions that most travelers ask. Will I be traveling alone or with a companion? What do I need to know if I plan to take the whole family for a leisurely vacation?Traveling SoloMost of the practical neophytes opt to go for a pre-planned itinerary that contains a complete set of services including the two-way travel ticket, the accommodation, the course of trips and tours, and other add-on services and perks that some travel agency offers. Going for a cruise type of solitary vacation is getting popular nowadays especially that the romantic promises of an immense horizon and endless waterworld-type of environment is too much to resist for people who escapes from the busy buzz of the urban jungle. Try the Caribbean or Norwegian cruise that would certainly break the monotony of your cyclical and routine-based existence. When you travel alone, try to bring a book, an ipod, or maybe something that would keep your hands busy such as art and painting materials or a writing implement to preoccupy your mind. There are also hotels and resorts that have customized their accommodations for those who want to spend their time alone and relax without worries.Traveling with a Loved OneThe concept of leisure and travel especially for honeymooners requires a focused planning especially in the creation of an itinerary of activities. To make it easier for couples and lovers, there are resorts and hotels that provide holistic services from wellness activities to superbly executed food and dining services. For a leisurely experience, couples mostly engage in activities that are not usually possible when they are on their usual ground. Some of these activities are scuba diving, parasailing, skiing, island hopping, mountain trekking, and even game hunting. In sharing a leisurely but quiet togetherness, couples could simply pamper themselves by getting a spa massage with soothing music on the background or by engaging in yoga and tai chi sessions to maintain the harmony of mind and body.Traveling with the whole familyThis is a tricky vacation getaway especially if you are bringing a baby or a toddler on your trip. Some wealthy families think leisure and travel hiring a nanny to look after the baby but some believe that carefully planning the whole vacation spree will eliminate most of your headaches when the actual trip already begins. One advice is to only bring the things that are necessary to at least minimize the bulk of luggage that you will be dragging with you. There are hotels and even restaurants that cater for a bigger number of customers and clients. Make sure to check out these places before barking on a family journey.